28 juni, 2010

there's something must be fixed!

 Welll...well... well.. I'll finish my last exam soon..and before it happened, you know I feel like my head was hit suddenly, couple days ago I got a tweet from my classmate, Opik, he tweeted that bla bla bla.... -> Tantri got their remedial task! Oh no! Damned! I know that I didnt study hard and still have lots of confusedness in this major, Indonesian Historiography, which is teached by My Holy-almighty lecturer, Pak Bambang Purwanto, he also my lecturer trustee, the worst thing (perhaps) is I was the one who failed on his major -_-" After I heard this info, my another lecturer told us -the students who guided by Pak Bambang- to meet him after the last exam. FYI: Pak Bambang is kinda killer-disciplined lecturer. Well..well..well, and I could predict one of his reasons for calling us. But well, it just a prediction could be wrong or totally right! Just Let's see tomorrow...on Monday-noon after the last exam. 
source: here!
Actually the problem is just lied in my fault, I know this, and I feel really sorry to myself... honestly, I'm lazy to do the remedial test thou it's very simply-easy: just choose and answer 2 of the 5 last exam questions and collect it on the next week. yeah yeah yeah.. then I just wonder why we still get the remedial test even we aren't high-schoolers -_-" Now, I just have to move on take some rules! Change my bad-habit and do my best! :D :D :D 

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