14 februari, 2010

my passion

hello guys x] back again... such a long time I didnt write on my blog, really want to blogging, But I dunno what should I write.. these recent days I just thought 'bout my new passion, perhaps it sounds so weird even so conceited.. But whatever people say, I do really want to be Vegetarian. Not really vegetarian I mean, I just want to reduce my meat-consumption.. I feel that theres a lot of scums covered my body... yeah, I like eating nugget, tempura, bakso, and meat thingy which is they just gave me shit...gave me a lot of scums! I wanna be healthy, I wanna clean my body from meat-thingy, even MSG or broth -that I really fond of ;p and because of that I just wanna be vegetarian, oh no no no, maybe not vegetarian, but I like to call it as meatless consumption ;p heee coz I still consuming any broth, eggs, milk, indomie etc. Oh but I do really want to reduce indomie-consumption. I realized that theres no difference if I dont consume meat but I consume instant-noodle like indomie. When my mom cooks meat thingy, I just grab indomie directly..but wait, I just do the same: give shit to my body! indomie just give trash to our body..except we have to consume it in some ways, like I consume indomie when I hike. It so clear that indomie or other instant-noodle have lots of MSG, and it so dangerous if we consume it continuously. Back to my meatless passion, I heard that people debate still debate it, especially with my belief. I cant tell you further about this , but I can give you some infos or fatwas on vegetarianism, by this below:

those show that Islam support too in vegetarinism :) and before I decide to do this, i received some motivations from Ajix - I dunno how long he has been vegetarian- and his article about vegetarianism, he said that whatever people say about your passion, just do what you want with your own idealism! he just such a brilliant person that quite motivate me :) and about my passion, it has been 4 days I consume meatless, but in the 2nd day I failed, just because I consumed tofu which is contained of meat-dough! wat stomme! I must be more careful :) LOL

doei..doei..!(bye bye in nederlands) and see how long I could survive! :)

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  1. weh....heheheh....keren brur artikelnya...

    "Ajix -i dunno how long he has been vegetarian-"
    FYI, since 2003....

    tukeran link sist....

  2. wah thankyou Brur! nggak menyangka bakal dikomen sama aktornya! ahhaa..!

    masih kacrut banget artikelnya!
    punyamu sudah saya link..link blog saya yay!

  3. wes tak link sist...

    btw, boso inggrismu wangun yo....