14 februari, 2010

my passion

hello guys x] back again... such a long time I didnt write on my blog, really want to blogging, But I dunno what should I write.. these recent days I just thought 'bout my new passion, perhaps it sounds so weird even so conceited.. But whatever people say, I do really want to be Vegetarian. Not really vegetarian I mean, I just want to reduce my meat-consumption.. I feel that theres a lot of scums covered my body... yeah, I like eating nugget, tempura, bakso, and meat thingy which is they just gave me shit...gave me a lot of scums! I wanna be healthy, I wanna clean my body from meat-thingy, even MSG or broth -that I really fond of ;p and because of that I just wanna be vegetarian, oh no no no, maybe not vegetarian, but I like to call it as meatless consumption ;p heee coz I still consuming any broth, eggs, milk, indomie etc. Oh but I do really want to reduce indomie-consumption. I realized that theres no difference if I dont consume meat but I consume instant-noodle like indomie. When my mom cooks meat thingy, I just grab indomie directly..but wait, I just do the same: give shit to my body! indomie just give trash to our body..except we have to consume it in some ways, like I consume indomie when I hike. It so clear that indomie or other instant-noodle have lots of MSG, and it so dangerous if we consume it continuously. Back to my meatless passion, I heard that people debate still debate it, especially with my belief. I cant tell you further about this , but I can give you some infos or fatwas on vegetarianism, by this below:

those show that Islam support too in vegetarinism :) and before I decide to do this, i received some motivations from Ajix - I dunno how long he has been vegetarian- and his article about vegetarianism, he said that whatever people say about your passion, just do what you want with your own idealism! he just such a brilliant person that quite motivate me :) and about my passion, it has been 4 days I consume meatless, but in the 2nd day I failed, just because I consumed tofu which is contained of meat-dough! wat stomme! I must be more careful :) LOL

doei..doei..!(bye bye in nederlands) and see how long I could survive! :)

03 februari, 2010

All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring
Chuck Palahniuk.