28 juni, 2010

there's something must be fixed!

 Welll...well... well.. I'll finish my last exam soon..and before it happened, you know I feel like my head was hit suddenly, couple days ago I got a tweet from my classmate, Opik, he tweeted that bla bla bla.... -> Tantri got their remedial task! Oh no! Damned! I know that I didnt study hard and still have lots of confusedness in this major, Indonesian Historiography, which is teached by My Holy-almighty lecturer, Pak Bambang Purwanto, he also my lecturer trustee, the worst thing (perhaps) is I was the one who failed on his major -_-" After I heard this info, my another lecturer told us -the students who guided by Pak Bambang- to meet him after the last exam. FYI: Pak Bambang is kinda killer-disciplined lecturer. Well..well..well, and I could predict one of his reasons for calling us. But well, it just a prediction could be wrong or totally right! Just Let's see tomorrow...on Monday-noon after the last exam. 
source: here!
Actually the problem is just lied in my fault, I know this, and I feel really sorry to myself... honestly, I'm lazy to do the remedial test thou it's very simply-easy: just choose and answer 2 of the 5 last exam questions and collect it on the next week. yeah yeah yeah.. then I just wonder why we still get the remedial test even we aren't high-schoolers -_-" Now, I just have to move on take some rules! Change my bad-habit and do my best! :D :D :D 

24 juni, 2010

New sounds on June

     So...I found any interesting sound eventually, a group of teens (probably) from Norwich who played indie pop with the strong teens' power, they are Evan <3, Katie, Fab, and Roary. I like listening indie-pop since my friends told me sucha thing, from the local one like Annemarie, Endhah'n Rhesa, till the Glaswegian band like Camera Obscura and Belle and SebastianAnd when BS (Belle and Sebastian) started to drive me crazy, I was fad looked for any indie-pop band in last.fm, and finally I found any interesting sounds like The Mutering Retreats, and The Kabeedies. I didnt listen to all those songs and The Kabeedies just grab my attention quickly ;)) They have adolescent sounds and its power! Like the other economical teens, I went to 4shared directly to download their songs, yeah as you know that I'm not such a teen who just want to spend money just for buy a cassette, CD or something..but it doesnt mean that I dont support our local band..it just economical matter you know..but actually sometimes (not really ;p ) I buy cassettes of my favorite band even not often. Back to the topic, then finally I got their songs..but when I checked it to their myspace, the songs that I got are in different album or EP with that ones (Rumpus). And now I still look for Rumpus album, the downloadable one of course :P I've tried hard to look for it (LOL), but there's just the payable one. So if you guys find the Rumpus (downloadble or FREE) just share the link to me or send those songs, hehe...


 source: here! (picture edited)
source: here!

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18 juni, 2010

another fabulous fashioners~

Well, I found another fabulous fashion wanderers, here they are...
~Her name is Roby G., She comes from Canada, her simply style pretty freakin' me out!! \m/ and these are my favorite TOP 3 of her cooly styles ;))

~She is Michelle Koesnadi, She has high-tasted fashion, more glamorous style, and popular! 

inspiring month :)

source: here
and the last one is just really into me XD

Good news for this week ;)

Alhamdulillah...,Thanks God! I got my scholarship ;) I hope that this one could be one of my parents' joy ;)

I'll try my best to make Mom and Dad happy, because...

folding bike :D

Greeny-expensive Bianchi ;(

Yes, I really wanna have one :)) And it's time for collecting some money!

Well..actually I just wanna post something but I dont have any 'silly-things' to be posted :P and anyway I still waiting for the pics of Lekker Je which those still stay in Amnesti's laptop -and i really want to post them-, so i must wait the photo transfer till she finishes her final exam :| Then I came back to my document, I found some any interesting-pics last nite, here they are above!

02 juni, 2010

new friends on saturdaynite

well guys..it's been a while I spent my Saturday nite by staying in home ;) and the last saturday nite, I started hang out with my buddies and the new ones who came from Semarang, here they are..
Intan and ME :))
after picked up them in Concat Terminal, we went to Alun-alun Kidul,
tried the new object, Tandem Bike ;) 
Temi, ME, Ela,Nesti, Yoga(the under one), Arta, and Gelap.
Gembil took the pictures of us anyway :D
Temi (one of the Semarang buddies) and ME ;)

after made those silly things in Alun-alun Kidul, we decided to hanged out in Benteng Vredeburg, took some pictures and made another silly things XD

and now..I have to prepare all the exam thingy..it's hardly more 1 week I'm gonna meet the final exam -_-"
Just wish me luck, guys!