25 oktober, 2015

How's Life?

Dag, de mooie wereld...van mij!

It's been such a long time, since the last time I wrote on this 'dirty pages'. Moreover I have promised to myself that I should be 'productive' in writing, both in English or Bahasa, even in Dutch! I thought by having some future-plans to be realized, then put it into the ''to-do-list'', would keep my life on the track. But in the end, idleness always wins my heart. Until I realize that I am not 'young' anymore, future haunts me, and I should take my self back on the track: pursue what I need and what I want. Sometimes I feel sick of those things as if I can't enjoy my life for a moment, well in fact there has been plenty of leisure time I have spent. 

Well, what's up then? It's supposed to be something new or special, which you're gonna tell at the moment, isn't it?

 Yea, for the first time since I was born, I just got my first full time job! I have been working for these two months in a museum, as a secretary, for sure. Something that I have never imagined before.
As a newbie in this kind of full time job, (because in the recent past I used to work as freelancer) there are many new things I found, I experience. It's normal when sometimes we find things going good or bad. That is a life. I just simply warn my self when I start to complain about things in life. 

Well, I work from Monday till Saturday, from 9.00 to 16.00, only on Monday and Saturday I work from 9.00 to 12.00. In fact I can still do my usual activity like attend the Dutch Class -which will be ended next week, even though I often miss my class due to my work- or even still get side job from a friend. The thing about full time work is how to avoid boredom during the office days. Some people enjoy their work, some say they still learn to enjoy, get excited, even learn to adapt the  different environment like I do. Anyway learning is about the time, until we find (or even create) another comfort zone as a place to live. 

Love life?

At least I have lessened the 'drama' that I used to make, however sometimes I still say silly/ unworthy things which my love doesn't like to hear that.
But anyway, it's been a week since he went back to this city. It seems unusual that he got 2 weeks of leave, usually he only gets 5 days until a week of free time. Wish everything goes better for us..

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