16 november, 2009

adorable nite :)))

honestly, I felt soooo lazy to write on my blog few days ago..! but I thought that I had to write my Saturday Adorable Nite's moment >w< after for so long time I didnt see the adorable gigs ! lol :))
I went to campus 'bout 10.am,,did my assignments in library and enjoyed an Historical Competition,one of History Week event-my department held it. That was soo nicety, but unfortunately My SHS didnt turn into Big 5, so they couldnt come to Grand Final :(
I received sms from Elak while I was paying attention to the game,,, She said that she would come to see Mocca in John De Britto, a gigs that I wanted to see it too . I thought that I couldnt attend it becoz of my job to decorate the stage for the next days- the band festival in History Week, But finally Thanks God ! You save me,,my senior said that we would decorate tomorrow, not that day! ahhhaa :)) Immediately, I replied Elak's mesej, said that I had to go to that Gigs !!! @7pm, I went to Dyah's house, elak said that we gathered there before went to JB....while we were waiting for Dyah's father- she couldnt let their sister & brother alone- we talked bout issues that spread out between us..about "the young of today"...their existences in every Gigs, talked bout the "follower", and those things really made us so bored ! Finally Dyah's father came, and we ready to rock JB!!!
Risky Summer-bee and the honey-thief became the first band opened that Gigs! I never heard about their songs..bout quiet often hear their name..so curious of what their music looked like?! After they played note by note..it sounded quiet easy listening..I cant classify their music sounds like who..then the second performed was The Monophones,
I've heard a song from them and quiet "horror" for me..I dunno but it sounds so...jazzy or what? i dunno...then the next was...the most adorable performer: Mocca.! Actually, i've seen them when I was in Primary school, when they played song for soundtrack of Fairish- teenlit that became drama in tv @that time. Arina looked so Cute w/ her vintage dress and of course her flute . Damn ! They played...i forgot what was the 1st song that they played, What If, Me and My Boyfriend, Secret Admirer, The Best Thing, and so many jazzy rhythm. Arina did step dancing and that was soooooo Amazing ! I think that she so multitalent  person and so friendly . and I've just known from Dyah that Arina is 31 years old. still doubt bout that?!and one thing that cant be forgotten was The Fireworks party ! the committee gave us a firework and they blazed it ! OH GOD ! SO GUHREATTTT AND AUHHSOMEEE!!!! I imagined; If I could see those moments w/ someone special :)) lol . hahaha.. that nite was sooo.... awsome guys !!!! 10.000 was worth it !!  Success for JB ! You made us give you four thumbs up,guys !


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