26 mei, 2010

1st Debut (olala)

hey you guys fuckin' awsome bloggers =) 
I've just got new photos from my new activity, yeah Saman Dance. There was my 1st debut (ohh!) on May 15 2010 to dance Saman. Here they're some photos, enjoy and laugh on it ;p

there were just few audiences and they were students of our own faculty, 
they weren't pretty enthusiast, so there isn't almost any sounds of clapping T__T"

and some of them disturbed us by screaming to our captain -_-" 
of course that's why we lil'a bit unfocus and we didn't dance it well.

i'm on the black long-sleeved tees and on the left side, such a giving 'peace' sign

After performed, I was in hurry to Ayuk's birthday party. There was nice meals there, Ayuk's mother cooked the pizza so well! its taste like a branded-pizza! I met some of my freaky stupid highschoolers then we went to coffee shop after that, in Cangkir Coffe Shop, we did our silly things --> stalker some Facebook account of our friends, which account is the most phenomenal or who has the freakiest account. LOL. We did it till at the midnite and I was dead tired but totally fun!!! Thankyou Ayuk, Acid, Devi, and Wipti :))

Incredibly rockin'!!!

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