31 mei, 2010

1st Debut (Again)

Well Guys, Hello everyone :]
These recent days my body isn't well, beside I got my wrong position when I slept I also did basketball.. I don't know perhaps my body hasn't been habitually for the exercise -__-"
as you know that we're the player came earlier than the committee, we played against Archive Major. Here they're my team who played as representative of Historical Major :)
Aura, Mbak Sita, Mbak Vhe, Mbak Indi, Mbak Joe, and ME :))
Yessss, there were just 6 troopers and no supporters :'(
But I like it, I wasn't pretty nervous then :D  

That was our 1st game on our Faculty Competition of Sport
and of course that was my very very 1st game in basketball as a really amateur T__T"
not bad, I got my 1st shoot and it was my lucky, I could get 2 points :) haa...
But finally we get the highest scores, 38 - 24! Yeah, WE WON!!!

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