02 juni, 2010

new friends on saturdaynite

well's been a while I spent my Saturday nite by staying in home ;) and the last saturday nite, I started hang out with my buddies and the new ones who came from Semarang, here they are..
Intan and ME :))
after picked up them in Concat Terminal, we went to Alun-alun Kidul,
tried the new object, Tandem Bike ;) 
Temi, ME, Ela,Nesti, Yoga(the under one), Arta, and Gelap.
Gembil took the pictures of us anyway :D
Temi (one of the Semarang buddies) and ME ;)

after made those silly things in Alun-alun Kidul, we decided to hanged out in Benteng Vredeburg, took some pictures and made another silly things XD

and now..I have to prepare all the exam's hardly more 1 week I'm gonna meet the final exam -_-"
Just wish me luck, guys!

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