19 januari, 2011

those days made me errghhh....

 i come, finally back with my holidays :] after those storming days hehe..just had an International Conference and i took apart there as one of the committee. That was our 1st time to organize the event, but mostly it was under the command of Mbak Faiz, and i know all of us were frustrated, handled all of kinda job desks, but finally it forced us t learn how to manage these and those seminar thingy especially International Seminar which there were some foreigners who took apart, and we had new friends of course, foreign friends hehe:] here they are..
Sadiah Boonstra on the left and Maaike Derksen in the red-glasses

with Susan Legene, one of the the conceivers
discussion time, serious time, quiet please!
ohh God, that was Martijn Eickhoff awww en Marieke ^^
this photo was taken at Borobudur Workshop one day after the seminar,
but they took apart too in that International Conference
the photo and illustration exhibition by Tedy. Isn't it so nice? >,< 
with another young-smart and impressive girls,
Caroline Drieenhuizen and Fanneke Sysling
with the great people, Adrian Vickers and Mona Lohanda
just too curious to check 'em out on the social network
ooohh kiddos' new syndrome -___-
   Well.. not only the seminar, discussion and other serious thingy, but here also were Watching Movie in the 1st nite and Puppet Show in the 2nd nite. Hmm... miss all those moments, i know we still had a bad service .. but we're still keep tryin' to be a good worker! hu yeahh, all photos are collections of Ravando and Gilang, thanks dude for capturing us! :-))

P.S: anyway, me and my classmates who took apart too in that event also did some silly things, will posted it later because those silly photos still on Panji's Blackberry and he still doesn't know how to send them via Bluetooth to my cell phone (my old phone, it was lost :'| ), i've tried it but always fails, just wait until he save them via usb cable :]]

-Have a nice days and byeeeee bros and sists! 
daaaag =D

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