03 februari, 2014

Things I love in Magelang

           Finally, I went somewhere new. In the middle of Java with its slogan 'The city of a million flowers' or as known as Magelang. Yesterday I found something new, something reminiscing the romanticism of the past, and so much stuffs I really love for sure. I went for a Chinatown trip with the Old City Community Magelang (Komunitas Kota Toea Magelang). We visited many places in the middle of the city, like the traditional market, vihara, historical building, Chinese shop, and walk along in the kampong as well. The most adorable things for me is the old house with the beautiful architecture, some of them we may called as the Indische huis, or Indies house. The house that had been built in the Dutch period and combined by the Javanese and Dutch architecture. I can't wait to show them all, here we go!

This house belonged to the owner of the Krisna Cinema. The cinema located next to this house but now it only remains the ruins. Magelang has no cinema nowadays. The industry of cinemas in Magelang had collapsed since the era of CD and digitized stuffs flourished.
This is one of the part of Oei Hong Kian, the first dentist of President Soekarno. The house has a large area and it consist of the store, garden, tennis field, and the main house. The picture above is the building of the store, located in the roadside and apart from the main building. If you know PK Ojong, one of the founder of Kompas, Indonesian popular newspaper besides Jacob Oetama, he is the brother in law of Dr. Oei Hong Kian.
Voila! This is the house of Dr. Oei Hong Kian, the main building. It has quite large yard and tennis field behind its house.

one of the old Javanese house we saw in Magelang. Isn't it so adorable?

A broad yard and large house are some of the characteristics of the Indies house. You can see the type of the window and the door, it reminiscing the beautiful of the acculturation of the Javanese-Dutch culture. How I really love that kinda resident. It so inspiring.
Another Indies house with the quite tall roof and shady trees, looks calm and cool.
What I love from the old house in Java is the woody window with the unified color conforms to the door and fence.

Magelang is not only popular with its Great Historical Site, Borobudur, and other Buddhist ruins. Even in the middle of the city's crowds, Magelang hides its beauty of the past. Those historical buildings, or if I may call it "the treasures", should be preserved and could be the good choice to get to know the history of the city and culture. Those heritage may represent the city's glorious and the culture as well. Despite I never lived in that age where those buildings had been built, I can feel its ambiance and romanticism in the past.
I wish those treasures could survive among the splendor of the city. By defending our heritage, the future generation could get to know its city's history and preserve it as culture treasure.

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