28 januari, 2010

b[it]ch camp with the rioters

    hey you guys! It's fresh from the oven...this afternoon I've just arrived from Siung Beach :) So Happy..though the boys were so annoying, like common boys they just gave us shit! The boys were so lazy to help us (the girls,oh yeah, the girls were just couple silly chicks! hahah.. just me and Wipti. or maybe it  could be could "no woman there" ;p ). As we arrived there, I realized that I've just lost my wallet,but then after i got back in  Jogja, there was someone kept my wallet! Oh thanks God!  :big relief! I tried not to be panic and made all easy :) back to my trip.. We departed from our skool at 5.30pm and got there at about 7.30pm. In the early morning, my friends said that there was an earthquake, and they became so panic..because they really afraid if  Tsunami would be happened , yes just because we slept facing the beach..But I really never felt that earthquake was happened :lol: they said that I slept like a top. In the morning we saw the sunrise took some pictures, and you know what?! we ate the Octopus (maybe it was baby octopus)! and that was the most delicious food that we had ever made along the camp! beside that we also made a bad meals! yeah,we made uncooked rice..because we really dunno how to made it really ripe..we afraid of rice crust adhering to the pot. The boys called the uncooked rice as "sego Galak" or in English "Angry Rice" [?] or literally, the rice taste so hard :lol.
Erry and his baby octopus :9

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