27 januari, 2010



my holiday started after 14th January, yeah after my last exam, and i still have nothing to do except think about my inaguration in faculty and Siwaramudya event in my major. I thought about making money with dyah and ella, like sell hand made statement neklace or  headpiece, but actually, we haven't already yet. I wasted my recents day with ella and day, sometimes I met nesty and wipti.. We (me, dyah, and ella)  have a club; twhich is  Bahasa usually called "nobar" (nonton bareng) or in english maybe we call it "movie club" [? i don't know], like we did in NYE, remember it? I wrote on this blog. Ohyeay, a couple weeks ago, we watched Rumah Dara Movie in 21 . heheh I've never been in Cinema, since my last movie,"Twilight" :D . Rumah Dara i s kinda thriller that made by Mo Brothers film, a couple of Indonesian guys. They made awsome movie, and of course this thriller is different among the other Indonesia Movie... it's just  like breakthrough . There a lot of comments say that it is very good movie, just googling to see the review and people's comment. I really suggest you to see this movie and you have to scream a lot!!  back to my club ;p we have rents  some movies like; Pintu Terlarang, The Hangover, Sherlock Holmes, and The Lovely Bones. But, the newest movie - Sherlock Holmes which is still play in Cinema, even The Lovely Bones that haven't played yet in Cinema - had a bad subtitle. And don't forget we took some silly pictures with Ella's mobile phone  .:lols:

 dyah. me. ella xp

 Oh yeah, i almost forget it! Last Saturday Nite I spent my time in my hi-skool, we talked about our plan to go to Siung Beach, yeah, it's Beach camp time! and suddenly a couple of detective (or we can call here as "reserse") approached us, they asked what we did there... My friend said what we really did, actually, the boys would drink beer, but at that time they had not done it. ::sigh . That was really surprised! And Ikhsan said that one of that guys was detective who handled him when he was in Police  bureau. Yesterday, we visited Nesty's house..make sure about her conditions, FYI: the nite before, there was uproar issue said that Nesty was going to commit suicide, but it wasn't. She "just" slashed her wrist. ya, it described her madness about Aji, her ex-bf. Wat Stomme! We were been there from 10am to 8 pm. Wew! And today...I've already to beach camp in Siung Beach with my hi-skool friends..maybe I'm gonna there with lot of boys! C you there, pals! Prettige reis! :))

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