09 oktober, 2010

We burned this Friday nite

      According to the plan, TBG as known as Trah Buthek Gabrut, a group of my lovers, would go for hanging out in this Friday, we gathered first in Amnesti's house before maghrib or about 5 pm, but we came there about 6 pm, followed by Acid at 7 pm. Eventually, after we discussed the place where would we, we decided to head to the new stand of Kedai Kopi @ Babarsari.
hot ice cream cake vanilla x_x
Ella, was the one of the pioneer of this gathering and the one who eagerly want to meet us, you know at what time she came?? yes as we know she's the Queen of The Rubber Clock, She came at 8.30 pm.. and without Dyah, one of our close-friends who supposed to be there and usually picked by her. We cant' mad on her innocent face..and she acted normally without guilty -___-''
After Kedai Kopi, we headed to Warung Makan Idola, as usual lots of silly things happened there.
 Ella. the innocent face -_-a
 paling rempong kalo lagi makaaaan x_x
 Amnesti. Got her silent mode when she eats
 me and wipti
Yang nggak makan ngusilin yang lagi ribet makan xD
Dimbul :3 the cutest one on that nite
jarang2 ada yang "cling" diantara kita -_-
he's the cutest commonly, but not on that nite :p

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