09 oktober, 2010

Double-date on Wednesday

   On last Wednesday, incidentally Wipti asked me on twitter to join her hanged out on that day with Erry and Ceper, they would go to the Yogyakomtek, the biggest Computer Exhibition in Yogyakarta. I've no idea even money to buy something there.. what i thought just go hang out and spend time. So we gathered in our SHS and go to venue at the evening. When we would go to the ticket box, of course to get the ticket for entering the building, i saw our SHS' friend, Ivan or as known as Darjo. I said to my friends and Erry approached him. I dunno what he talked about, but suddenly he disappeared in the crowd and he must be has entered the building..WITHOUT THE TICKET! well well well... we followed Ceper who was approaching Darjo and we entered the building FREE! Darjo's face was innocent when he let us entered the building freely =))

Ceper, Wipti, and me
Wipti, Erry, Ceper
    When the time we went home, at the parking, how come the motorcycles' handlebar among Wipti's were locked then we couldnt move out Wipti's motorcycle?? -_- (the hell was really full!). Jadi, diantara motor yang mengapit motornya Wipti itu dikunci stang semua..So, kita nggak bisa bergerak -___-'' plis deh pasti yang punya motor itu pada culun punya!!! Finally, Erry  helped us.. but the impact of his kindness was... a girl said to him," Yang ini mas (sambil nunjuk motornya)..." Kasihan, kasihan, kasihan..Erry DIKIRA TUKANG PARKIR!!! Alhasil Erry langsung minggat dan misuh-misuh wkwkwkwkw x)

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