16 november, 2010

art gallery and film censorship

       Had a 'incidentally' discussion with Lembaga Sensor Film, talked about whole things about Indonesian movie and its censorship in Saptohoedojo Art Gallery. I cant believe and i just knew that Yogyakarta has a great-amazing artist, like Saptohoedojo (the owner of the gallery, but unfortunately he has passed away couple years ago)! You have to visit the Gallery located in Solo street 9th km :) There is art gallery (of course), The photos of Saptohoedojo family with lots of popular and important persons, a restaurant, little mosque, and the souvenirs shop, enjoy!!!
Saptohoedojo Art Gallery
How cute those puppets are!
beside the gramophone 
even they have a tiny swimming-pool! x)

*big thanks for Adit anyway, for capturing those photos of me (y)  =)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. eh...suka warna fotonya deh, hasil editan photoshop atau hasil kamera lomo nih?


  2. hahaa bukan photoshop juga bukan kamera lomo, pake' toycamera analog editor gitu mbak hehe