20 november, 2012

[a special] friends birthday

               Couple days ago, me and buddies just held a surprise birthday party for our girl, Jujuk. First of all I dreamed of making barbeque party in the garden, then I realized that Jujuk, one of my best buddies, had a little cute garden beside her room. And I just considered as well that her birthday came soon So I decided to ask the gang to created a surprise party in her house, it I was so excited eniwei!!. Here we go! We decorated, barbequed, and enjoyed the reunion!
the 'rempong'crew

the hore gang

had lack of idea in using 'krep' paper to decorate
here we are
party sampai maghrib!
Jujuk, the birthday girl
Jujuk and kiddos

another birthday girls: Amel and Bobot

barbeque! pineapple, onion, sausages, en meatball, yummehh!

Actually, we had others, like chocolate pudding, lapis cake from Juju's mother, Coke, and satay for the last! That was great time gathered with them! You know it's a kinda difficult to collect them all and finally we had a bunch of joy that day! I still crave for another 'garden party' with besties! Cheers!!

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