13 juli, 2010

Oranje Boven!

            Actually, i've never follow anykind of football match, even when The World Cup comes. But, it's totally different in this WC 2010, i almost follow the matches, even it wasnt detail. Because everytime i sit on my computer, my father and brother always turn on the tv which is lied next to me, so automatically i focus on my monitors, the PC  monitor and the tv. I don't know just because i learn Dutch, so i have to stand for The Oranje Team, a.k.a The Dutch Team. I even dont know who the players are, i just enjoyed those matches of Netherland after the Asian lost its representative in the WC (that was one of the sad moments when Japan was beaten by Uruguay). In my opinion The Oranje played well, if they didnt play well they couldnt get into the final of course. But I saw that they played rudely, it was showed by the number of the yellow card that given by referee, and one red card for Heitinga. I admitted that Spain has amazing keeper and they played quite well and i thought that they worth to be the winner. Beside it was my 1st time enjoyed the football match, i also got my 1st experience in gambling, and i'm the bad gambler. Marcel (Bagaskoro for sure), was the man who asked me to gamble, first, he asked me whether Spain or Netherland would be the winner, and i said that Spain probably could be the winner (as Paul Octopus said), but i clearly said that i support the Oranje. Then he asked me to gamble, he hold the Spain and i with the Oranje. The winner would be treated by the loser in the Waroeng Steak, kinda steak cafe. 

    Well, since those matches, i began to know those fascinating players like Van Bronckhorst (who has the Indonesian blood), the awesome Sneijder, the amazing Arjen Robben, and the others :)) thou i had dripped my tears while i was seeing Sneijder looked pathetic and cried :"((((( You guys are guhreaaaaaaattt and aw aw awesome! It just about the unfortunate fate (try to entertain myself anyway). I keep supporting the Oranje Boven (Oranje Almighty) thou some people here said that it's pathetic to support the country which is ever colonized us..but I dont care! Just the petty-minded people who say that sucha thing.
     Anyway, i found damn-cool tees on Suave magazine...sucha brilliant idea and creative!
Do you get the point? So, the KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond) made advertising by producing the Oranje tees which has the face-print of the Dutch players inside. When you turn t-shirt inside to cover ur face, the face-print of the player will appear and replace yours. Isn't it gorgeous??? 
--- Oranje Boven ---

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